Climate Proofing Your Home

Is your house suffering from poor thermal performance, expensive to heat and cool and provide little natural protection during extreme weather events?

Our experts will outline how zoning, insulation, DIY draft sealing, window shading and secondary glazing combined with energy efficient appliances for heating and cooling and on-site renewable energy generation, are all part of the climate proofing solution for your home, essential to remaining comfortable in summer and winter extremes.

Learn how tools like the Residential Efficiency Scorecard can be a great help in understanding and improving this performance, so you know where to start. This knowledge will ensure that carefully targeted upgrade works will not only assist you to achieve a healthy, comfortable home in all weather events, but also minimise running costs.


Glen Rodgers is an architect with a broad range of experience in Ecologically Sustainable Design, community development and energy/water efficiency with a speciality in timber/ESD material specifying.  He is an energy rating assessor.

Dan Cowdell is a government-accredited assessor for the Victorian Residential Efficiency Scorecard program and is currently coordinating Geelong Sustainability climate resilience energy efficiency upgrade project, Climate Safe Rooms.


Apr 16 2019


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm



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51 Lt Malop Street Geelong
51 Lt Malop Street Geelong
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